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Non-cohabiting couple: how to live together?

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Non-cohabiting couple: how to live together?

You are thousands of men and women to have chosen this way of living the couple. This formula tends to seduce new lovers refusing the version of the traditional couple, where the daily routine might settle too fast to their liking. Only this new fashion could be much more representative of our society than we think. Indeed, to love oneself “at a distance” is also to preserve one’s freedom and to remain oneself at home, without having to compromise.

Unfortunately, today, nobody wants to sacrifice his fulfillment on “the altar of the couple.” So in the end, is this the new love ideal or just a kind of excuse for those who have trouble getting involved?

All fire all flames

Living apart makes it possible to preserve those moments of solitude that are so important to us sometimes, without hurting the sensitivity of the other. Can we reconcile distance and all the qualities required of the perfect loving and caring companion?

Imagine that autonomy does not bring about remoteness but instead creates relationships in most relationships. As a result, when lovers do not live under the same roof, they tend to be much more available to each other. They are more relaxed and enjoy these everyday moments more easily. The problems are then relegated to the background, and the desire often takes over!

This increased desire comes from the fact that two people going out together without going into “housekeeping” and often see themselves between two appointments where unexpectedly, therefore, live “day by day” in the manner of two young students. Surprise and the unexpected are at the heart of these relationships.

Hard for common projects!

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There is a problem that you probably see on the horizon for some time. What to do when one of the two lovebirds no longer finds his account in such a love scheme? The “perfect plan” can be a real hell in the long run.

Indeed, it can be exhausting to manage the agendas of each, missed or unsatisfactory appointments and small pleasures of everyday life. Moreover, a physical separation often means a lack of involvement of each in the projects of the other. And when this situation is no longer chosen but suffered, the daily life of such a relationship can become very heavy to bear. We must not forget that some couples fail to love each other on their own.