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Which Positions Are Ideal for My Penis Size?

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While society would have you believe that the size of your penis determines how good you are in bed, this is anything but true, especially when you know what techniques and positions really work on your partner.

Any man can please his partner by using foreplay as well as his penis to create a satisfying sexual experience.

If you would like to learn about the sexual positions that will provide your partner with maximum pleasure based on your penis size, keep reading.

Positions for Your Penis Size

The Average Penis

If you have a penis of an average size, the good news is that you can enjoy sex in almost any position, so go wild and try something new with your partner. Positions such as doggy style will allow you to use your hands to please your partner in additional ways so look at other positions that offer the same benefit.

The Large Penis

If you have a larger than normal penis, it’s important to use foreplay to get your partner ready. Without enough lubrication, your penis could end up causing tearing, which is painful and unpleasant. To allow your partner to control the depth and angle of your penis, allow her to be on top. By angling herself towards your chest, she can easily decide how much is too much.

The Smaller Penis

If your penis is below the average size, this is your chance to get creative and really make sex fun. Focus on foreplay and toys to provide your partner with extra pleasure over and above sex. In terms of positions, anything that will allow you to penetrate your partner as deeply as possible is ideal. The missionary position will allow the head of your penis to stimulate her clitoris as you move, which can result in multiple orgasms.

If you are concerned about the size of your penis, there is a way to make it thicker that doesn’t require any incisions or supplements. Dermal fillers can be used to safely and effectively enhance the size of your penis so that you have more to work with during sex. For more dermal filler for penis details, visit this page.

The Curved Penis

A penis can also be curved and provided the curve doesn’t extend beyond 10 degrees, it can still provide both you and your partner with a pleasurable sexual experience. If your penis curves upwards, the missionary position is ideal because it will work on your partner’s G-spot. If your penis curves downwards, doggy style is a better option. If your curve is more to the side, opt for a scissors position for maximum pleasure.

A Side Note on Penis Size

With men being so focused on penis size, they often forget that women have different vaginas too, which means these positions won’t be ideal in every situation. To have the best sexual experiences, be open to communicating and exploring so that you can figure out what works for both of you.